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Podcast Ep. 9 | Build a Mortgage Practice JUGGERNAUT by Mastering Systems of Service w/Tyler Osby

Dec 01, 2022

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with Successful Marketer, Business Systems Creator, and Top Mortgage Producer Tyler Osby to discuss creating superior systems for customer service, successfully marketing strategies, and how to generates consistent monthly purchase business in the current market.


  • Why Systems are Critical to your Success
  • Importance of Proactive Consistent...
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Podcast Ep. 8 | Provide Value and Expand Your Business in this Down Market with Ryan Grant

Nov 02, 2022

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with his friend and client Ryan Grant, Division President of NEO Home Loans to discuss his drive to be a leader in the mortgage industry, and what it takes to be successful in the down market.


  • Using Fear as a Healthy Motivator 
  • Being Present to Handle Overwhelm
  • Importance of the Putting in the Work
  • Advantage of the Newer Originator in...
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Podcast Ep. 7 | Adversity is Your Grand Opportunity for Greatness with Retired Navy SEAL Chadd Wright

Oct 12, 2022

IN THIS EPISODE, Tim sits down with retired decorated Navy SEAL Chadd Wright and discusses the power of the spoken word, presence, and the opportunity to benefit from adversity.  


  • Overcoming adversity 
  • Growth thru tension
  • Importance of the spoken word
  • Not giving your pain a voice
  • Superpower of presence
  • Breaking down hard things into small moments
  • ...
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Podcast Ep. 6 | Win the Relationship (NOT THE DEAL) and Flourish with Dirk Nevelle

Oct 05, 2022

IN THIS PODCAST EPISODE, Tim sits down with Top Producer Dirk Nevelle to discuss how his unique approach to his business and personal growth has allowed him to form deep connected relationships that have helped him excel in the mortgage industry and create a robust personal life.  

You will learn...

  • Pleasant Persistence 
  • Value of Trust
  • Importance of Winning the...
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[Announcement] The 360 Experience Podcast with Tim Braheem is now available!

Aug 25, 2022

Malibu, CA August 25, 2022 – Tim Braheem and the Performance Experts team are thrilled to announce their podcast, The 360 Experience with Tim Braheem is now live and available on many of the podcasting platforms as well as directly on their website.

The 360 Experience covers a wide range of topics with an emphasis on...

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A Great New Opportunity to Develop Business from Financial Advisors

Dec 08, 2021

Want to get more referrals from financial advisors? I highly recommend a solution for you!

My friend and amazing client Craig Strent produces $100mm+/year and consistently generates predictable referral business from financial advisors. Craig gives you the keys to his success and his tactical approach to identify good advisors, obtain the meeting, and generate the referral. All in an...

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Top Mortgage Originator Secret: Eliminate Reactivity by Being Proactive

Mar 20, 2020

In this special edition Business and Life Tip, Tim breaks down one of the most important concepts on creating more opportunity, and that is by giving yourself MORE of the most precious resource "TIME". 

Tim discusses a couple specific ideas on how you can eliminate reactivity by becoming proactive and how this will allow you to create more opportunity for more people more quickly.


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(Energy!) The Key to Greater Health and Effectiveness

Mar 19, 2020

In this Special Edition Business and Life Tip, Tim  discusses the importance of your energy and the impact it plays in your health and overall effectiveness.  He shares with you a few simple but powerful methods to ensure you can mindfully take full responsibility for effectively managing your own energy. 

Know thyself.  Raise your frequency...for you health, for your...

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How to Compassionately Lead Your Team Working from Home

Mar 18, 2020

In this special edition Business and Life Tip, Tim shares with you a few ideas and thoughts to get you in the right mindset of compassionate leadership to support and leading your team as they make the transition to work from home during this Coronavirus outbreak.   

It will be important to manage and connect to ensure you are thinking about the stress they are facing, and what you...

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How to Effectively Find Your Calm in This Chaos

Mar 17, 2020

During these uncertain and turbulent times, find your calm, find your center, be the best version of yourself.

In this special edition Life Tip, Tim breaks down for you a powerful and easy to implement plan to manage your energy, reduce stress, increase performance, and connect more deeply with your family. 

Plus... Tim offers you a FREE Meditation to start this practice.

Find the...

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